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Breasts are body tissues with their own health needs. At some point in time, most women will experience breast congestion, breast pain, discomforts of diagnostic or surgical procedures, and anxieties about lumps or other changes in their breast tissues. Pregnancy and breastfeeding have their set of associated breast tissue needs. And then there is breast cancer -- impacting directly on the lives of many women, and indirectly on all of us.                                                            

Massage therapy is an effective "wellness" treatment for breasts, as breasts particularly need good circulation and tissue mobilization for optimum health. Poor circulation can produce various uncomfortable symptoms. Breast scarring (surgically and traumatically induced), which is more common than we often realize, can cause painful syndromes and obstruct blood and lymph flow. (If you would like to know more about mastectomy and scar massage, click here)                 

Some believe there may be a correlation between chronic poor breast drainage and susceptibility to malignancy. Massage techniques may in fact turn out to be one of the most effective modalities for addressing such problems and promoting breast health.                                           

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