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Where compassionate care is built into every massage...

Your body works hard... Be nice to it.
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 I always had a sense that human touch could be healing.  My interest in massage dates back to over a decade when I discovered the benefits as an avid runner.  The help it provided  with my sore and tense muscles opened my eyes to not only a new world of healing but of opportunity to help others as well. When I would receive a massage, I always walked away rejuvenated and often times even encouraged by my therapist. I thought that it would be a great thing if I could provide this for others.  After some research, I began to discover the world of massage therapy and its countless benefits.  In school. I quickly fell in love with the learning and thought of blessings others.   
   When my beautiful wife Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer, I knew this journey would be a challenge for her, but I also knew she would not walk it alone.  I wanted to help her through this any way I could.  One thing I felt could aide in her comfort and relaxation was massage.  There were techniques and strategies that needed to be employed not only to bring her comfort, but help her on her path of healing as well. It was a difficult season for her, myself and our 8 children but together we got through it.  She is now cancer free and we consider ourselves blessed.  Massage is so much more than just a feel good luxury.   yes, it is a way for a person to escape for a bit but it also is a way for a person to do something extremely beneficial for themselves that will aide in their overall health, wellbeing and even their healing. 

John Bradford - LMT MA 79783

Additional Certificaton

 Womans Health

Breast Care 

Additional Certificaton

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

John Bradford - LMT
LMT Licensing

John is a graduate of

Sarasota School of Massage Therapy

John is a living organ donor
He donated his liver in 2022

Looking Good Starts With         Feeling Good........

Your Body Deserves More.




With Healing Hands Massage Therapy offers many types of therapeutic massage modalities that are custom designed to meet your specialized needs.  Whether you are and elite athlete in need of very specific therapeutic muscular attention or just need to "get away" for a peaceful quiet time.  Our compassionate and therapeutic approach ensures a massage that is a more effective and even blissful. It will be designed to be the event every massage should be.

Our heated room ensures that you will never be cold during your session!

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Ringling Professional Center
2831 Ringling Blvd Suite F123
 Sarasota FL 34237




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